Taking a page from Dropbox and other document sharingservices, Liferay announced today a new document sharing add-on for thecommunity edition of its enterprise portal. The add-on, Liferay Sync, allowsusers to access documents stored in Liferay from their desktop or mobiledevice.

Introducing Liferay Sync

Countless users have embraced private cloud services like and Dropbox for making their content accessible everywhere. Despite the popularity of these services, most enterprise content platforms don’t support similar features, but now Liferay does. Liferay Sync allows users to drag and drop documents into synchronized folders and then edit, move or delete them. Liferay Sync automatically tracks the changes and synchronizes the content everywhere.

In addition to making documents more accessible, Liferay Sync enables real-time collaboration and allows offline access to content. Liferay has a number of features that may make it very attractive to enterprise customers:

  • Integration with enterprise authentication systems.
  • Support for uploading and sharing content from any device. Shared content is also accessible by users that are not using Liferay Sync.
  • Built in versioning that tracks document revisions and allows user to rollback changes.
  • Complete integration with Liferay Portal, which allows synched documents to be tagged, commented on, categorized and participate in workflow.
  • Native support for most popular mobile and desktop operating systems.

In addition, unlike Office Web Apps and Google Docs, users can edit content in their preferred desktop application instead of the browser. Liferay Sync supports Windows, Mac OS and iOS. 

Learning Opportunities


Liferay Sync is yet another sign that consumerization is continuing to spread through enterprise technology. Although the technology provides convenient features, organizations will have to consider the security implications. Liferay Sync could increase the likelihood that users will share sensitive or private information to unprotected devices.

Getting More Information

The beta version of Liferay Sync is available now. It allows Liferay Portal Community Edition users to synchronize documents with one Liferay site. The enterprise edition of Liferay Sync will support sharing documents with an unlimited number of Liferay sites.