Managing language translations can be tedious. Whether you’re starting organically or translating existing content, it can be a time consuming process full of reviewing, editing and publishing and quality control. Thanks to Lingotek, a translation solutions provider, an updated version of its Collaborative Translation Platform (CTP) was released this week, making it easier for businesses everywhere to execute translations.

Power to the People

CTP version 5.0 includes various new features, which not only help to streamline the uploading and editing of documents but also allow others to contribute and view translations, while guaranteeing that each project is accurate and as exact as possible.


Example of the CTP dashboard for community translators who can select the projects that fit their skills and expertise.

Lingotek employs a combination of best practices and solutions to help companies produce the translations they need efficiently and affordably. From advanced machine translation solutions to localized community translations, like the ones that Adobe integrated in April in an effort to simplify their community and “crowdsourcing” translation projects, Lingotek’s CTP aims to reduce costs by 30 percent, and time spent performing translations by a third.

Content Management and Reliable Translations

Content managers can upload documents and invite community translators, a qualified database of domain experts, to add content, perform and rate translations for their reliability.


Example of the CTP dashboard where content managers can view translation project status.

Lingotek’s customers include Adobe, The Library of Congress, eBay and a number of higher education institutions, who use CTP to offset costs traditionally associated with translation services, like those generated by outsourcing and contracting with service organizations.

Learning Opportunities

As more and more companies position themselves in the global marketplace, it’s necessary, if not required, to create content for specific audiences. Companies can’t risk poorly translated or misinterpreted content, nor can they afford the high costs of manually translating copy in-house with a small staff or outsourcing to third-parties.

With Lingotek’s CTP, organizations are able to streamline their efforts with machine translations, while integrating crowdsourcing and highly-skilled community members to produce effective and efficient translations at a lower expense.