Following the release of a new PDF management suite earlier this month, Litéra (news, site) has announced that it has signed a final agreement to buy document creation and automation provider SoftWise Corporation.

Like most of these deals the price that the North Carolina-based document content lifecycle management company paid has not been released, but the deal will see Litéra add feature-rich document creation, template management and numbering to some of the components in its DCLM suite.

The deal means that Litéra’s DCLM software suite now enables users to create, collaborate, compare and cleanse documents as they move through the document lifecycle.

Litéra, which works principally with corporations and law firms, says the acquisition was prompted by the need to provide standardized document creation and process automation using a single interface.

Both companies have assured existing SoftWise clients that they will continue to get software support from the company with the deal including a move by Bill Robertson, president and founder of SoftWise, to Litera as Vice President of Client Development.

Explaining the decision to move in with Literal, Robertson said that after the two companies co-developed the Metadact software, a security product that reduces the risk of unintentional disclosure of confidential information embedded in Microsoft Office, the move “was the right move for our company and customers . . “

The list of applications that SoftWise brought with the deal will definitely be beneficial to Litera as well as complementing the DCLM suite.