Lifecycles. They exist in just about every form, from humans to honeybees. But forget biology, let’s talk about the lifecycle of your documents.

That’s right. Everyday you create a new document, review and format it just the way you want. Then you save it as a PDF to give it that clean, polished look. But the lifecycle of the document rarely ends there. There are always revisions and edits, forcing you back into the original document to spend your valuable time fixing margins and tampering with page numbers, just to save it as a PDF again.

Consequently, very few of us would consider a PDF a working document. Until now.

Full PDF Document Management

Thanks to Litéra, a company focused on the lifecycle of documents, a new PDF management suite designed to give professionals full management capabilities has been born. Like scientists, studying their subjects in the wild, Litéra has seen the current state of PDF document management and went back to their labs to create a viable solution, namely LDF.

With LDF, users can finally add and edit content in a PDF document and not have to worry about squeezing text into a confined, unalterable space. LDF automatically reflows the content into the entire document. No margin mix-ups. No page number panic. No content cramping.



LDF lets users create and edit documents, redact irreversibly, append and create binders as well as add Bates numbering, notes, pictures and signatures. Users can also split or separate multi-page PDF files into smaller files and compare PDF documents in Native format.

Peace in Document Editing

Isn’t this what lifecycle science is about? Finding and offering solutions to mere mortals so that we can finally edit documents with peace and tranquility, without despair or anguish. We think so.

Litéra, whose plethora of products work towards a kindler, simpler document lifecycle, has positioned itself as the cost-effective, efficient solution for document management. Fit for all industries, from government to corporate, Litéra hopes to create a virtual ecosystem, where LDF can symbiotically exist along side eDiscovery and ECM.

Until then, the brave scientists at Litéra will be in their labs, testing and tinkering, working to improve the quality of our documents’ lifecycles.