Since document content lifecycle management company (DCLM) Litéra (news, site) bought document automation company SoftWise last December, it has been working on developing Innova, SoftWise’s automation platform. After six months work on it version 6.0 has finally been released.

Targeting law firms in particular, Innova streamlines and standardizes document creation and automation and now comes with new features for Microsoft Active Directory configuration as well as new legal modules for 19 more states in the US.

With Innova 6.0 the company aims to simply the platform making it accessible to more users in more enterprises and has done so by delivering a user-friendly macro/template package with an architecture that uses advanced multi-level caching to increase speeds and improve productivity.

Innova Document Automation

Part of the Litéra group of document lifecycle management products, Innova is a document automation platform that streamlines and standardizes document creation and automation.

With the release of v6.0 a number of new features will simplify the document creation and automation processes including:

  • Active Directory Integration: With direct integration into an enterprise Active Directory, enterprises will not have to configure connections to an external personnel database.
  • QuickDoc: Easy change between document types by extraction of data in one document type for use in another. Also includes ability to fill dialog boxes with information from saved documents.
  • Doc ID: Support for multiple versions, or even different document management systems as well as multiple versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Numbering Module: Support for the existing number module with improvements including support for multiple Table of Content(s).

Litéra And SoftWise

Innova became part of the Litéra family of document content lifecycle products following Litéra's acquisition of SoftWise in December 2009.

Like most similar deals the price the company paid was not released, but at the time the company said Innova would add feature-rich document creation, template management and numbering to some of the components in Litera’s DCLM suite.

For its part, Litéra’s DCLM software suite enables users to create, collaborate, compare and cleanse documents as they move through the document lifecycle.

Litéra, which works principally with corporations and law firms, said the acquisition was prompted by the need to provide standardized document creation and process automation using a single interface.