Months ahead of its big SharePoint conference in Las Vegas in March, Microsoft had a tweet jam that sent the #spc14jam hashtag to the upper reaches of Twitter's trending charts.

Find out what developers and executives wanted to know during the event yesterday, as well as the likely hot topics of discussion at next year's big SharePoint community event. In case you were wondering if the company revealed any clues about future products, keep reading.

Building SharePoint Conference Interest

No, there was no news about products. But Microsoft still got plenty of traction from its SharePoint Conference tweet jam yesterday. It was held to generate interest in the major upcoming conference's content, speakers, tracks and related activities. The conference hashtag made it to No. 2 in the US trending charts — only slightly more popular than our own recent jam.  It proved just how important SharePoint is to industry, the development community and enterprises.

Participants had the chance to discuss issues with Microsoft product managers, MVPs and other community members. You can browse the discussions at #spc14jam or you check the official conference Twitter feed at  www.twitter.com/spconf. Topics ranged from how presenters could improve their speeches to reduced prices on Microsoft hardware. 

Other subjects included inexpensive places to stay, Yammer demands on the local Wi-Fi infrastructure and the value the event provides. Some people even earned invites to appear on Microsoft's cloud shows.

Hands-On Lab, Bands and T-Shirts 

With themes around connecting, reimagining and transforming, Microsoft wants to get its session videos, Hands-on Lab (HOL) events and other content out to those who can't attend the conference as quickly as possible.

Attendees seemed more interested in finding out which bands will be playing and the latest t-shirt trends (third party developers tried to outdo each other at #SPC12). But Microsoft reps tried to keep things on track with a focus on topics covering all SharePoint workloads from architecture and deployment to app development, Yammer integration and everything in between.

Company reps also pointed out that hotel rooms are selling out fast, and encouraged those who wanted to be close to the action to book now. Are you planning to attend the conference? Or is it too early to even think about it?