It’s time for the Mobile App of the Week. This week our focus is on Accellion for Android, a file management and file sharing application.

Once you sign up for an Accellion account, you'll receive a service URL, which has to be entered before receiving access to the Accellion system on their mobile device. Users are then directed to where their file and folders are stored.


You can then choose an individual folder or file to share, download, view its content or make comments on it. The file or files are then accessible from mobile, tablet and desktop devices. 


There are many benefits to this app that include:

  • An extra layer of security with six digit pin number.
  • Tablet users have access to a dual pane viewing window.
  • Content doesn't have to be downloaded, as a preview button saves from downloading un- necessary files onto a device.
  • Microsoft Office files can be edited through Quick Office.
  • User activity is logged, so that it can be seen who edited or viewed a file.


As with many apps, Accellion has its flaws.

  • Unlike the desktop version, the app of the file sharing site doesn't seem to have access to the inbox email feature.
  • Files that should only take a couple seconds, sometimes take about half a minute to download or preview. 


Accellion is available for from the Google Play store for Android, version 2.3 or higher. It currently has a rating of 3 out of 5.

There are also free versions available for iPhone and iPad users and Blackberry.


Even though the app itself is free to download, the actual service is available in five formats, a free 45 day trial, a full free and three paid versions.

  • Trial: With the trial version, features include: file sharing and transfers up to 100GB, five users accounts and IT Admin access and kitedrive file synchronization. The business and Enterprise options are available in free trials.
  • Individual: This full free version gives access to one user. Other features include: 12 GB of file storage, secure file sharing links and file and folder cloud storage
  • Business: For US$ 15 a month, one to 500 users with use the 1000 GB of storage business version of Accellion. In addition to all of the Individual features, other features include: an audit trail, file commenting, and a Microsoft outlook plugin.
  • Enterprise: For Enterprise pricing, users should call to get a quote. Extra features for Enterprise users include: unlimited storage, LDAP/AD Integration, a SharePoint  plugin and automation agents and API
  • Enterprise Connect: As with Enterprise, interested users should call Accellion for pricing. Extra features with the Connect version are, Private on-site deployment, a kitepoint ECM connector, mobile access to SharePoint, secure SharePoint collaboration and access to enterprise content.

Final Thoughts

As a collaboration tool, Accellion is pretty basic, despite its extra security, and doesn't offer users many extras in the terms of file sharing apps. With this mind, it's easy to use and efficient for those who just need an app with basic file sharing capabilities.