With some concern, we wondered what Nuance (news, site) could add to OmniPage that it hasn't crammed into any of the 17 previous editions. Panic not, there's lot of good new stuff for those drowning in paper documents.

Take Control of Paper

Nuance has long offered a Windows-based document scanning and management solution, with each iteration refining the product and catering to those who need the latest technology. OmniPage 18 is no different with the addition of a cloud connector to allow saving and conversion in any of the popular cloud services.


The latest OmniPage, still packing impressive new tricks

It also offers improved scanning with claimed saving of up to 15 minutes a page in user time thanks to a 67% increase in layout accuracy and an 18% character accuracy improvement when converting a page into an editable documents. Which will rapidly add up to most Enterprise 2.0 companies racing to be all digital.

Cloud Control

While most Windows users are happy with acres of hard drive space, larger organizations are turning to the cloud to keep their documentation. To this end, Nuance offers a Cloud Connector, that offers scan-to-cloud, making documents accessible and editable in Google Docs, SkyDrive and other cloud services like

The actual scanning technology has also been improved with tools to help capture a better quality image, with correction features to fix visual problems. It can also make scanned PDF files searchable by keeping the stickies and annotations that creators leave within their documents. The eDiscovery Assistant also supports batch conversion, speeding up the process of wading through vast quantities of documents.

OmniPage Pro 18 is available as a download now for US$ 499.99 with enterprise versions priced on inquiry, an Individual version costs US$ 149.99. Boxed products will ship next week.