Open-source enterprise CMS platform provider Nuxeo is enhancing its cloud offerings. The company announced the release of its cloud-based enterprise CMS product that allows customers to go from development and configuration through production in the cloud.

Enterprise CMS Goes Up, Up and Away to the Cloud

Nuxeo’s latest release, Nuxeo Cloud, allows users to develop, customize, test and deploy to the cloud from an integrated environment with monthly subscription pricing. The solution will appeal to organizations that want to deploy an enterprise CMS technology platform with the least amount of overhead possible and minimal up-front deployment expense.

According to Roland Benedetii, Vice President of Product and Marketing, Nuxeo wanted to make it easier for organizations to leverage their platform while still allowing architects and developers the maximum flexibility to customize the solution. He also said that the pricing model will give cash-strapped organizations a lot of flexibility in how they manage financial resources and allow them to ramp up at their own pace.

Subscriptions to Nuxeo Cloud include:

Learning Opportunities

  • provisioning of development, testing and production environments
  • automated maintenance
  • access to Nuxeo’s Connect portal
  • platform upgrades
  • Nuxeo’s configuration and customization tool, Nuxeo Studio
  • Nuxeo Marketplace for plugins

In addition, premium support options are also available with Nuxeo Cloud.

Getting on the Nuxeo Cloud

Existing customers of Nuxeo’s hosted services may be wondering what enhancements have been made to the products for the Nuxeo Cloud Solution. There are no additional features in the new solution; the release is purely a delivery and integration upgrade that makes using the products more efficient. Existing users now get Nuxeo Studio and Connect Portal, whereas before this needed to be handled on the side. Content management upgrades will be addressed in the forthcoming 5.5 release. Users should also be aware the first release of Nuxeo Cloud does not include the recently released Nuxeo IDE. However, the company is planning to include it, but has not announced the release date for the integration.

Nuxeo Cloud is available immediately from Nuxeo. Pricing ranges from US$ 1,450 per month for up to 50 concurrent users to US$ 2,950 for up to 200 concurrent users.