Partnering to Provide Integrated Capture, ECM And BPM
Another partnership, this time between document management software vendor Datacap and enterprise content management and business process management developer FileVision (news, site) will see the two companies market their respective software solutions as a package.

And the two together provide quite a tasty package. The ECM/BPM software from FileVision will automate and manage all enterprise data once it has entered the system, while Datacap’s Taskmaster provides advanced image and data capture software with advanced indexing and document relationship management at entry point.

FileVision’s ECM

So what is it you get? With FileVision you get an enterprise content management suite that was re-engineered and re-released last year to make it...well greener!

It integrates document management, workflow and relationship management into a single system, eliminating the need for expensive and tedious in-house solutions.

Features include:

  • Custom Behaviors: An advanced macro language that allows for easy configuration of the system including event driven automation, scheduled, manual or polling trigger automation, and a graphical designer user interface.
  • Document Capture: Allowing users to easily capture and index text, with a clipboard that enables quick reuse.
  • Electronically filled out forms: Viewed and printed from FileVision’s Web Client.
  • Web Client: Allows documents to be scanned and filed into the system from any computer connected to the Internet and equipped with a scanner.

Advanced Document Capture

Datacap's Taskmaster capture platform not only provides for the scanning and indexing of document images directly into the FileVision content management software, but it will also automatically capture data from documents to eliminate manual data entry.

Using a library that includes hundreds of script-based rules to capture and classify documents, the company says that its latest version can capture information from structured, variable or unstructured forms.

FileVision's unique knowledge management tools store the data and build relationships to the documents and data. All information captured with Datacap Taskmaster can then be subject to FileVision's Business Process Automation engine, providing the organization with comprehensive, business rules-based automation from start to finish.

While there is some cross over here between functions, Datacap specializes in document capture and with Taskmaster 7.5 providing a best-of-breed, fully functional capture platform for forms processing, distributed capture, document capture and document identification.

Complementary Solutions, New Markets

Each company will promote the other solution as a complementary software package to their own.

The fact that Datacap is based in New York and FileVision in Atlanta will provide both with access to two very dynamic markets without the added promotional costs. The two have also said they would use the partnership to develop a more prominent international presence.