Workers waste inordinate amounts of time searching for files and even working on the wrong documents, a major headache for enterprises everywhere. Document collaboration has a new ally in Perforce Commons, a fine tuned version control system.

File Repository for Version Control, Tracking Changes

Whether for text documents, images, reports or lengthy files, Perforce Commons stores documents so teams can work together on them without worrying about erasing each other's work. Additionally, all items stored are available at a glance to see what changed, who did it and why. Even if one of the team members isn't using Perforce, the changes won't be lost due to improper tracking.

Perforce estimates the time wasted on common document collaboration mistakes is even more costly than spam. That means for those who do extensive document management, any time and effort saved on document versioning should be an exponential gain.


Drag and drop files into the repository, comment on any version and see who has done what to any document.

Merge Word + PowerPoint Docs, File Valet

Files dragged into Perforce Commons can be previewed and compared without opening them, and Word or PowerPoint documents can be merged. Furthermore, tools like the File Valet ensure documents go to the right place and that changes made don't get overwritten or lost.   

The File Valet helps with sorting and versioning of files in a more intuitive way, and that should make it easier for people to learn how to use the system. Individual files can be followed, and notifications sent whenever a change is made. Content can also be shared via links for those who aren't using Commons. 

Perforce Commons is a free application for up to 20 people or for unlimited people but with a document limit of 1,000. It's also free for Perforce Software Version Management customers. For larger teams, it starts at US$ 12 per month per user with volume discounts.