Planet Data Takes Its eDiscovery Services and Solutions To Europe

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Only just into the New Year and already the scramble for the biggest piece of the eDiscovery pie continues, this time with the opening of a European office by eDiscovery management specialists Planet Data.

The New York-based Electronic Storage Information(ESI) provider will also provide hosting and project management support from their new facility near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The company cites increasing demand for specialist eDiscovery services from European companies as the reason for the move and says the new facility will be staffed by specialist operators based and recruited in Europe.

Managing Unstructured Data

In case Planet Data has slipped under your radar, it was created in 2001 and currently provides eDiscovery services to law companies, corporations, government agencies at all levels across the US.

It also claims substantial experience in managing multi-lingual unstructured data including Unicode, which is managed using its Cerulean Engine (CE) the most recent version of which is CE 2009 released last July.

Learning Opportunities

Planet Data describes the Cerulean Engine as “a processing engine” developed to accommodate litigation support and document management service industries.

It provides a document management approach that covers the entire life cycle of documents rather than support for litigation purposes only.

More Expansion Indicated

The company also appears to be anticipating an expansion of their services across Europe once they’ve got their feet on the ground with the suggestion that this is only the first step in their expansion across the pond.

How it works out is anyone’s business as there have already been indications from research carried out  by companies like Clearwell that many companies will be developing eDiscovery services internally rather than farming them out.