Collaborative document vendor PleaseTech has released a new authoring tool -- PleaseAuthor. The new solution allows users to create new Microsoft Word documents using shared content. 

PleaseAuthor utilizes template-based documents, which are then populated with content fragments that have been pre-approved. The fragments, located in separate Word files, can reside in a single paragraph, a table or multiple pages, and can consist of headings, abbreviations, tables of contents, images, predefined text and other content.

‘Light Weight’ Authoring

After the templates have been created, assigned workgroups of individuals can select the templates for document creation so that entire organizations can collaborate across departments. An audit trail generates reports of what has been used and where.

CEO David Cornwell said in a statement that the company’s focus is “to address ‘light weight’ structured authoring requirements” through a simple, intuitive and cost effective process. The re-use of pre-approved content components is intended to maximize a return on investment, given the cost of content creation for one-time use.

Another advantage of component-based authoring, the company said, is that corporate standards --including compliance and content quality -- are maintained throughout an organization.

The United Kingdom-based PleaseTech has positioned PleaseAuthor as a complement to its collaborative review and co-authoring solution, PleaseReview. Launched in 2005, PleaseReview is designed so that multiple contributors can review and co-author a single copy of a document simultaneously, with control over “who can do what to where.”

New PleaseReview

Concurrent with the release of PleaseAuthor, the company announced version 4.4 of PleaseReview. Enhancements include the ability to perform an action on all comments at once, such as accept all comments from specific users. There are also new, optional restrictions that can be placed on an administrator’s ability to allocate user roles.

The company noted that PleaseReview is available as a standalone app, while combining the two tools enables a process flow from document creation through co-authoring, editing and review.

Additionally, the company said, PleaseAuthor will soon be integrated with such document and content management systems as Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum and OpenText Content Server.