Just as Recommind’s most recent partnership with LexisNexis aims to unite legal and IT departments, this week, Recommind seeks to connect the enterprise to cloud-based services with the release of Decisiv Search 7.1.

Access, Search, Embrace the Cloud

The new framework allows for rapid development of Decisiv Search connectors to information stored in the cloud, whether in Google Docs, DropBox, Box.net or any number of cloud-based services. As a result, Decisiv Search users can gain access to information in the cloud to retrieve relevant information from multiple internal and external data sources at once.

As more companies realize the benefit of storing information in the cloud, while being able to account for security, Recommind is helping companies do more with their information. With Decisiv Search 7.1, companies can leverage and track enterprise data, while reducing the risk of losing critical information.

Recommind Decisiv Cloud Search open in Google.jpg

An example of how Recommind Decisiv Search 7.1 allows users to cloud search within Google Docs

Take employee attrition, for example. Employees may come and go, but their departure shouldn’t mean that the documents they previously created are lost. With Decisiv Search 7.1, enterprises can bring information to light, whether it’s stored in the cloud or on-premise. Among other features, Decisiv Search 7.1 also provides: 

  • Advanced document rendering for improved Word document previews with active hyperlinks
  • Dynamic page views for users to read through documents without having to scroll page by page
  • Real-time SmartFilters that increases the speed at which users can view, filter and find the information they require

For companies seeking a way to track and manage their information, the cloud can be attractive, despite some of its inherent challenges. Recommind provides a viable solution designed to help companies benefit from what the cloud has to offer, while protecting their information from a secure universal search application.