Every company likes to save something special for their annual convention, and IRIS (news, site) is no exception. One of the releases that caught our attention was the upgrade to IRISPowerscan, which comes with a built-in connector to SharePoint 2007 and a wizard for capturing and managing documents.

IRISPowerscan 9 is the latest version of the company’s document capture solution for SharePoint 2007 whose principal function is to convert and index high volumes of paper documents directly into SharePoint 2007.

This doesn’t appear to be a solution for small companies as the number of documents envisaged is huge. In addition to the two main upgrades then, this level of scanning requires an ability to identify documents particularly whether they are going to go directly into SharePoint, and sure enough IRISPowerscan has such ability.

SharePoint Wizard

But it is the wizard function that the company seems particularly proud of in this release. According to IRIS, the wizard will help users to configure their scanning templates so that within a few clicks of deployment they can start sending documents directly into SharePoint 2007.

Documents that are captured this way can be converted in fully searchable PDF files and exported to SharePoint 2007 along with their indexes to ensure they arrive in the appropriate library. Library selection is also done through a simple point and click function, while the wizard allows column names to be used as indexes.

The other major upgrade in this version is that the connector to SharePoint 2007 is built in. Built on standard components, it should be easy enough to deploy, but unlike its predecessor it is directly built in to IRISPowerscan 9 as opposed to being an optional add-on.

SharePoint and Document Capture

In a market that has become very competitive over the past several years, IRISPowerscan 9 is going to find stiff competition from companies like PSIGEN Software (news, site) which has a good, strong grip on the document capture world with its PSI: Capture product, which also connects directly with SharePoint 2007.

In fact, last year they launched SharePoint Lookup Provider -- a tool that enables integration directly with the SharePoint database and enhances its automatic capture and library placement abilities. So sure of itself is PSIGEN that it claims to uniquely fill the gap created by SharePoint’s weakness in document capture.

And it’s certain that it will not be the only company looking to fill that gap. Last month HP upgraded its document management software TRIM to TRIM 7, which specifically focused on delivering a full suite of solutions for eDiscovery, compliance, records management and archiving that was compatible with SharePoint.

With compliance and eDiscovery an ever increasing concern for companies, it would not be a complete surprise, given HP’s (news, site) record with capture technologies for other markets, if it too were to start dipping into the world of SharePoint document capture.

Could it be, given the fact that none of these companies have yet mentioned compatibility with SharePoint 2010 (news, site) that it will be their future ability to work with SharePoint 2010 that makes the difference between them all?