PSIGEN Software, a fourteen year old company built on the premise “perfect, simple imaging” has a pretty strong grip on the Document Management and Enterprise Content Management world.

Mostly known for their capture solutions for SharePoint, the company recently announced a new tool they hope will win over even more hearts from the Microsoft fan base. SharePoint Lookup Provider (SLP) provides integration with the SharePoint Database, which reportedly allows for a jazzed up automation process when scanning and capturing documents destined for document Libraries.

Going Where SharePoint Has Never Gone Before...

You know it, we know it, everyone knows it: TONS of people use SharePoint. This means TONS of people are aware that it's not the best platform for capturing document images or image management solutions. In fact, it totally lacks in these departments. This is where PSIGEN comes in.

PSIGEN claims to fill this gap with PSI:Capture. With it, users can reportedly capture document images to SharePoint from a variety of scanning devices, including direct connect scanners and scanning copiers.

PSI:Capture reportedly provides flexible configuration options, and for existing document libraries, the software can auto-import columns settings and content type configuration. As for migration, the software can migrate into existing libraries, but can also auto-create document libraries and columns based on index/metadata information.

A "Superhighway"

With their hands all up in the Microsoft cookie jar, PSIGEN is obviously bent on improving the processes around the conversion of paper to digital documents. The new release illustrates this further, as it focuses on the usual: cost reduction, flexibility, standardization, and improved efficiency. As PSIGEN puts it, “The SLP is a significant addition to an already robust SharePoint feature set, and provides a simple intuitive configuration interface for looking up data housed in SharePoint Lists, Document Libraries and Choice List Columns.”

"Where most products provide a port hole for uploading images into SharePoint, we have built a superhighway for collecting and posting metadata and images to SharePoint,” says Bruce Hensley, President of PSIGEN. “No longer will companies struggle to get their paper based assets into SharePoint. Gone are the days that they have to spend 3 months of professional services for what they can now do in PSI:Capture in minutes.”

This Ain't the Moon, People

Of course, just because SharePoint hasn’t swung in the document imaging direction, doesn’t mean PSIGEN is the only one with the brains to build that bridge. eCapture Express, Capture Server and Captaris RightFax are just a few solutions among dozens that've gone down similar SharePoint-leveraging roads. Will PSIGEN manage to stand out?

The company also offers a full suite of services to VARs and Dealers building a new SharePoint practice, and for end users creating or migrating ECM applications to SharePoint. Basically, it looks like they've got the situation handled, but as always, we'll let you be the judge.