Captaris Provide SharePoint add-on
Do you have paper documents you really want to get into your SharePoint solution so they can be managed electronically with the rest of your information? Captaris has a couple of new products to help you out: Captaris(R) RightFax(R) Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and Captaris Single Click Entry. Wait a minute? This sounds strangely familiar? Did we cover this before?Wait, no, we actually brought you the news that eCopy was providing a document imaging solution for SharePoint."It's called the eCopy Connector for SharePoint and it will make you happy if you deal with a lot of paper documentation you want to get in to SharePoint."Whew...feeling a little bit of deja view there for a minute...

Who is Captaris?

Captaris is a provider of software products that automate document-centric business processes. Earlier this month they acquired OCE Document Technologies - strengthening their document imaging, text recognition and document classification capabilities. They are also the creators of the RightFax software which most people know well.

RightFax Connector for SharePoint

In keeping with a lot of other vendors these days (Morello, SharePoint Solutions, Vorsite, and so on...), they have created a special connector for SharePoint 2007. It is a document capture solution for importing images and index information from MFPs, scanners and faxes. Through the connector images can be moved through SharePoint workflow processes. It also ensures secure distribution of said document images.

Single Click Entry

To help users enter index information through the RightFax Connector, Captaris has provided the product Single Click Entry. This product helps populate web forms by analyzing text and extracting data.It can also extract metadata from document images in SharePoint libraries, helping to include these images in searches. Single Click Entry is a separate license, but if you buy the RightFax Connector you can get a trial license to try it out.

Document Imaging and SharePoint

We also told you about the "release of ImageNow Interact for Microsoft SharePoint", another document imaging and workflow solution. Obviously, this whole document imaging thing is critical functionality to sell a SharePoint solution. Otherwise why would so many document imaging companies be pumping out connectors for it? Is one better than the other? Maybe Gartner or Forrester need to have a Magic Quadrant for SharePoint that would be interesting to read - if you could fit all those vendors in one little diagram...