SharePoint Search Connector Documentum
Vorsite Corp, a Microsoft Partner who creates connectors between Microsoft SharePoint and other Enterprise Content Management Systems, has just announced the release of a set of new Search Connector Technologies for MOSS and EMC Documentum.You may remember not so long ago, we told you about the release of Microsoft Search Server Express 2008. It's a free "express" edition of Microsoft's soon to come new Search Server. In the article we talked about how Microsoft Partners were already at work creating Connectors to enable federated searches to other systems -- such as other enterprise content management systems.This one is called the Vorsite Protocol Handler for Documentum and it provides some of the following benefits:* Integrates custom Documentum metadata for advanced keyword searching * Enforcement of security rules of Documentum content* Relevance ranking relating it to all enterprise contentJust one example of the Microsoft partner relationship at work. But this isn't new for Vorsite. Their whole existence seems to be based on developing connectors for SharePoint. In January of this year they announced connectors for Enterprise CMS platforms EMC/Documentum and IBM/FileNet P8 to MOSS. Creating the connectors that work with the new Microsoft Search Server is just an extension of this work. What seems a bit strange is that they refer to the Connector as a "SharePoint Server 2007 for Search" connector. It's available now, so that means it's for use with the Express version of the new Microsoft Search product which can be installed with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), but not with SharePoint Server itself. The actual upgraded version of SharePoint Server Search isn't expected until sometime in the new year.So the whole architecture of how it works seems a bit confusing. But that's why they have all those support costs when you buy something, so they can help you figure it all out, right? Right?? Well, anyway, search is a required element of any enterprise content management environment today -- and I'm sure with enough tinkering you'll get it sorted out.