Vorsite Corp have announced the latest releases and roadmaps for their Connector Technologies for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). The Connectors function as a bridge between SharePoint technologies and Enterprise CMS platforms such as EMC/Documentum and IBM/FileNet P8. Aaron Nettles, CEO and Co-Founder of Vorsite said in a recent statement, “There has been a lot of buzz in the market surrounding the latest releases from Microsoft, especially surrounding the new Enterprise Search product. With the recent release of this new and even more powerful business tool by Microsoft, we wanted to alert both current potential users of the Documentum Content Management platform that when they decide to adopt the new Microsoft Enterprise Search, they will be able to experience the same smooth, cross-platform user experience they have come to rely upon from Vorsite.” The Vorsite Connector Technologies were designed on the Microsoft .NET Platform and use standards based web services to provide enterprise application integration. The Vorsite Connector Technologies currently consist of two main connector types: The Vorsite Content Connectors and Vorsite Search Connectors. Both provide a robust connection platform for Line-of-Business applications like the EMC|documentum and FileNet P8 Content Management Systems. The Connectors are designed to address four key areas: # Content or Document Sharing # Portal Integration # Content or Document Migration As Rano Joshi, Vice President of Products and Services, noted, “One of the key advantages that this new Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 for Search offers is the deep, desk-top access across their system. With the release of this new Search Connector, we have been able to expose this capability across the entire enterprise system, including their Documentum repository. This extends the power of Microsoft Enterprise Search deep into the knowledge base of an enterprise while still preserving the levels of security and enforcing the certainty of their Documentum system.” This announcement is good news, particularly for EMC/Documentum owners that choose to use the new Microsoft Office 2007 System or who integrate by using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft Enterprise Search. It confirms that their existing Documentum CMS investment is still sound, and they can take advantage of the emerging Microsoft Technologies. The Seattle, Washington-based Vorsite offers business solutions to a variety of Fortune 1000 companies in the field of energy, pharmaceutical, financial, government and more. In December, they were named to Business Journal's Top 50 List of minority owned businesses in the Northwest.