Morello and SharePoint Connector
As more and more companies continue to implement SharePoint solutions, other ECM vendors are entering the playground showing that it's almost becoming a requirement to integrate with SharePoint 2007. Mediasurface is now one of these vendors, with the announcement of their Morello MOSS 2007 Connector.Mediasurface, a European enterprise content management vendor, has recognized that MOSS and Office Live are popular tools for team collaboration, content generation and knowledge sharing. They want to help organizations continue to utilize these technologies while leveraging Morello's enterprise web delivery infrastructure to push the content out to one or more websites, intranets and extranets.One of biggest issues facing companies that implement SharePoint solutions for collaboration and content sharing is governance. Organizations have a number of SharePoint solutions installed and maintained throughout making it difficult to manage the content. Morello, is Mediasurface's enterprise web content management solution (Web CMS). Creation of the new Morello MOSS 2007 Connector integrates MOSS tools with Morello. As a result, content generated in SharePoint can be synchronized through Morello and published out to any number of sites supported by Morello's web infrastructure.The Morello connector plugs into the collaboration and communication services of WSS - no technical setup required. Users continue to use SharePoint to create and collaborate on documents and other digital content and Morello ensures they know what is the latest approved version to use.According to Ian Truscott, CTO for Morello: “Organizations are increasingly looking to deliver business agility through office tools like MOSS but they still want to maintain enterprise levels of governance, content sharing and publication of quality information, both inside and outside the enterprise. The Morello MOSS 2007 Connector delivers a solution that lets them achieve this in a cost effective way.”So if you have SharePoint in-house and you have Morello, you can integrate the two solutions to provide a more robust content management solution.And if someone can tell us what these SharePoint Connectors are costing, please let us know!