Snowbound Software announced some healthy first quarter revenues this week. The company's success was most recently fueled by the addition of new customers, as well as the increasing adoption of new products.

Snowbound's inroads in several industries, such as the financial services, insurance, and health care markets, have been instrumental in helping the company achieve an almost 10% increase in revenues from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011. 

On the product front, Snowbound’s VirtualViewer AJAX ‘Pure HTML’ universal viewer continues to be the firm's peat and potatoes. The newly released version (our coverage here) features FileNet support with annotations, comprehensive Web browser integration and mobile device support.

The AJAX document viewer also features:

  • The ability to open user-defined document combinations at the same time
  • Specified documents can be displayed by default when the viewer is opened
  • Enhanced workflow

“Snowbound has continued to invest in our people and products despite the current economic turbulence, keeping us well positioned to help our clients, and ourselves, prosper,” stated Simon Wieczner, President, Snowbound Software. “We’ve spent the past few quarters adding sales, engineering and QA/support personnel while enhancing and expanding our line of document viewers and converters – Snowbound is well positioned to help our customers address their content management challenges enterprise-wide.” 

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