V1 Integrates Document Management with Oracle E-Business Suite

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V1 document management landed in the US from Britain two years ago. Since then it has expanded in all directions, developing its re-seller channel and partners, including Oracle. This week, it has just announced that it is building on the Oracle connection and providing integrated document management to Oracle’s E-Business Suite.

To recap, V1 provides document management and imaging software that enables automatic document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of most business documents.

With Oracle, it securely stores all imaged documents in an electronic archive integrated with the Oracle system, which not only eliminates the risk of lost and soiled documents but also ensures rapid retrieval.

V1 in the US

V1 says that since it landed in the US, it has noticed a demand for document management software for companies that use the Oracle E-Business Suite, and that it intends to be the one to provide that:

We are noticing increasing demand for electronic document management solutions from American organizations that use the Oracle E-Business Suite. We have years' of experience integrating into the E-Business Suite with Oracle customers worldwide successfully using our solutions, so it makes perfect sense for us to focus on fulfilling this growing demand."

Version One in the UK

And that’s likely to be key. This is not V1’s first foray into the world of E-Business Suite. Its sister company in Britain had already come to a similar arrangement with an Oracle consultancy in the UK last year.

Learning Opportunities

Under that agreement Oracle Financials clients would be able to access Version One directly from their Oracle system. Oracle Financials consists of a global accounting solution, a robust intercompany solution and a global tax solution, all built to work together on the E-Business Suite's unified information architecture.

Transpose that experience across the Atlantic, and you have a solution that has already worked out the technology issues around such an integration.

However, give the rapid rate of expansion that V1 has experienced since it arrived State-side, it’s unlikely that it will stop with Oracle. Its document management software is integrated into all major accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, so it’s likely we’ll see similar arrangements with other players in the future.