Version One's Document Management Software Goes Green
UK-based Version One (news, site)  is underling its green credentials with the announcement that it is to launch a carbon measurement tool later this year to measure how many trees and how much carbon is saved by companies who use Version One’s document management software.

Describing the initiative as an integral part of its “green agenda”, the new tool is part of a wider Clean and Green project that also includes the launch of the company’s Eco Gecko website, which provides information about the company’s green projects.

Keeping It Green!

Details of how the new tool will work are, as yet, unclear, but the idea is to give companies that have bought Version One’s document management software a chance to actually measure the positive impact of working in a paperless office.

The overall campaign has been launched to tie-in with Version One’s 20th anniversary and while there is the sense that this is just another publicity campaign using the greed card, again like KnowledgeTree last week, what harm if it is actually doing some good.

Inside the company itself, a green heroes and green villains campaign has also been launched, where the most environment-friendly employees will “win a prize”, and the least environment-friendly named and shamed -- presumably on the wall over the water cooler.

However, there is a future looking element to the internal campaign. This will see general manager Julian Buck chairing a quarterly Green Ideas Forum when suggestions from staff placed on the staff area of the Ecko Gecko website will be discussed and implemented, if approved.

Green In The US?

While it is easy to be cynical about such initiatives, sometimes it is just as easy to take these things at face value. And Version One does appear to be a company with a social conscience.

Earlier this month, five of the company’s head honchos slept rough on the streets of Manchester in the UK in aid of Action for Children’s youth homelessness projects, raising UK£ 2500 for the charity in the process.

And with the opening of an American office in Florida earlier this year, it seems likely that the company will be spreading its (green) love across the Atlantic too, if it hasn’t done so already.

There is little doubt that we will be hearing more from Version One soon. In fact, it could be as early as next Thursday at the Document Manager Awards UK.

The company has been nominated in the four categories including Storage Product of the Year category for Diarchic, Green Product of the Year finalist for DbAuthorise and Email Product of the Year for DbMail. It is also a contender for best website.

Don’t ya’ just feel all buttery inside!