Westbrook Debuts SaaS Document Management Software for SMBs
There’s nothing like an annual conference for launching a new product. This year’s Insight 2009 conference to be held next week in Orlando, FL, is no different with conference organizer Westbrook Technologies( news, site) launching their new cloud-ready document management software. FortisBlue is a thin client that captures, archives, searches, annotates, retrieves and safeguards paper and electronic documents.

And while other Fortis products are scalable to (theoretically) any size enterprise, this document management software would seem to indicate that Westbrook is now actively chasing the SMB market.

Document Management Features

Least anyone should think that this is a ‘lite’ version. While it may look quite simple from the UI point of view, it was designed specifically to make first-time document management activities user-friendly. But it does come with a whole pile of advanced features, such as built-in scanning capabilities, workflow, and full text and metadata search.


FortisBlue Web client

Westbrook's FortisBlue software is built on Web services, designed to be compatible with other similar applications and is cloud-ready. With full Unicode compliance, it also provides customization support for different languages.

Other features of this SaaS-based web-based product include:

  • User Interface that gives tabbed view that allows for toggling between multiple documents, query results, folder contents and databases.
  • Scanners can access and apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Bar Code Recognition (BCR) templates created in FortisBlue.
  • Built-in workflow automates business processes, including approvals, and helps organizations meet compliance requirements.
  • Keyless data entry with an easy-to-use point and click interface for guided zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with multiple import and scanning options.
  • Simple and advanced queries using the Find feature allow users to obtain information or retrieve a document on the fly.
  • Security for existing Windows users and groups. Any changes to, or addition of, network users is detected by the system. Administrators can apply security policies to each document type and configure security policies as necessary for each database that is maintained.

FortisBlue is built on the most commonly used tools and platforms including .NET Framework 3.x, JavaScript and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). If you’re interested in finding out more, try make it to the Insight Conference 2009 at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando between October 12 and October 15.

SMB Document Management

The document management market for SMBs is getting crowded. There is already a number of document management and collaboration solutions out there, but it looks like more are just going to keep coming.

Only last month, for example, there was a SaaS-based and aimed at SMBs LinearCube. This product is built on the Alfresco open source document management system. And while Alfresco is the foundation, LinearCube has also built a number of extra capabilities on top of that, including lifecycle management and activity logs.

[Editor's Note: For clarification, Westbrook also offers two older, client-server document management products: Fortis and FortisSE. According to the company, FortisBlue is a complete rewrite of the software done by a separate, internal development team. Westbrook asserts that both product lines will be developed and maintained for the foreseeable future.]