Online apps are becoming a big craze, particularly with the all-out war between Google Apps and Microsoft’s Office 365. But Zoho has been in the game for quite a while, reporting over six million users, and the company is now out with version 3.0 of its Docs online document management application. The enhancements focus on file sharing and collaboration, providing tighter integration across its office productivity apps.  

Zoho offers more than two dozen online applications. Productivity apps include Calendar, Sheet, Writer, Notebook and Show; Business Apps include Books for financial management, Creator for building custom apps, and CRM; and Collaboration Apps include Chat, Meeting, Wiki, Projects and Docs, the latter which creates, stores, shares and manages documents.

Shared as a Link

In version 3.0 of Docs, files can now be shared as a link, which can be pasted and used as any link can, in any public or private space. A document’s visibility can be set -- such as private and visible only to selected users, available to anyone in the organization with the link, or available to anyone with the link.

Workspace administration has several additional functions, including the ability to transfer ownership of a document from the creator to someone else, as when employee leaves a company. Workspaces can also be owned by multiple users, and workspace creation has been simplified. Additionally, the owner of a workspace can assign the admin role to someone else, transferring the ability to add or delete documents, change workspace access roles or delete users.

Learning Opportunities

Real-Time Notification

Spreadsheets are now auto-saved, and there’s a new auto-suggestion feature for faster entry of data. Real-time notification has been added to Zoho Show, the presentations app, so that a user can see who is editing a document in that application and which slide they’re on. Smart guides -- dotted lines for positioning an object on a slide -- have been added to images and objects.

Task Reminders have been added to task management and to docs, reminding the user of what is due when. Some minor interface design changes have also been made, including the addition of a new grey theme to Zoho Sheet, the spreadsheet application, to maintain design consistency with Zoho Docs and Writer.