Enhancements Address Customer Demands Including E-Mail Archiving, Records Management & Archiving, Audit Trail, and Document Security. ZyLAB, an established market leader of document management and information retrieval software, today announced that its is unveiling major new enhancements to its flagship solution, ZyIMAGE 5.0, to provide customers with the industry's most powerful solution for digitally filing and managing vast amounts of paper and electronic documents. Available immediately, the enhancements provide users with the ability to address major compliance requirements and offers increased management, audit, and security capabilities for enterprise-wide information. New ZyIMAGE 5.0 enhancements include: Records Management & Archiving Module: The Records Management and Archiving (RMA) Module helps enable users to control all information that enters and leaves an organization. This module fully complies with the DoD 5015.2-STD standard and the National Archives (PRO) standard for electronic records management systems (ERMS). RMA is focused on maintaining a repository of evidence that can be used to document events related to statutory, regulatory, fiscal, operational, or historic activities within an organization. ZyLAB's RMA system deploys a role-based user security model with strict filing permissions for groups of users. Records Management & Archiving Plug-In: The Records Management and Archival (RMA) Plug-in enables standard applications such as Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Adobe® Acrobat to store documents immediately into ZyLAB archives. After a document is created, the RMA Plug-in saves the file straight into the ZyLAB archive of the user's choice. This capability enables all users in the network to store and share information. E-mail Archiving: The RMA Plug-in enhances Microsoft® Outlook by providing the ability to easily store e-mail, which is full-text searchable, in a ZyLAB Archive. Using the "Archiving Button," e-mail is stored as a text file, HTML file or RTF file. The standard e-mail information such as the sender name, subject, and date are stored as key fields. Any attachments included in the e-mail are saved as well, and a link is created between the original e-mail and the attachments. Users can find either the e-mail or the attachments when searching their archive. Document Security Module: The Document Security Module adds additional security features to protect data. Some applications that benefit from this module are: Legal cases and investigations - Controls what information is disclosed to people participating in the case Employee Portals - Enables personnel files to only be viewed by the HR department, the responsible manager, and the employee Correspondence Management - Routes and secures the incoming mail for the management staff Audit Trail Module: The Audit Trail module helps keep track of user actions in an organization's ZyLAB archives. It stores all user actions in separate XML files, which are fully searchable. Therefore, administrators can easily view which user has accessed what document and much more. Compliance: ZyLAB has partnered with ADSI to provide an end-to-end HIPAA-compliant records management solution. Available immediately, the ZyLAB/ADSI offering integrates ZyLAB's ZyIMAGE document imaging and full-text retrieval solution with ADSI's Web-based application, the HIPAA Compliance ePartner™ solution. ADSI's software has the workflow built in to capture and track training, disclosures, complaints and individual rights data required by the HIPAA Privacy Rule ZyIMAGE 5.0 offers full Section 508 compliant Webserver templates as a standard offering. In addition, it offers agencies with the ability to fully comply under the government's E-Clearance Initiative. ZyLAB U.S. Government Customers For the past 10 years, the FBI has been utilizing ZyLAB software for many high-profile investigations, such as the ongoing Enron case. In addition to all the prominent intelligence agencies, other ZyLAB customers in the US government include the Department of Homeland Security; Department of the Treasury; Department of Justice; SEC; Department of Agriculture; Department of Commerce; IRS; Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Department of Labor; State Department; Office of Personnel Management; Department of Defense; and all branches of the US military. Availability ZyIMAGE is available to Federal, state, and local government agencies through immix Technology's GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule contract, GS-35F-0330J. About ZyLAB Technologies Founded in 1983, ZyLAB is the leading provider of document imaging and paper filing software that helps Global 2000 companies and governments digitally file and manage millions of pages of paper and electronic documents. ZyLAB's comprehensive investigative capabilities, with its high quality search and retrieval features supporting over 200 languages, giving users the ability to organize and easily share all information online, makes ZyLAB software the preferred solution for intelligence agencies, law-enforcement organizations, prosecutors, law firms, courts, in-house legal departments. With over 7,000 installations worldwide and over 300,000 users including Amtrak, the FBI, the CIA, the INS (Dept. of Homeland Security), the New York Stock Exchange, Pepsico, Riggs Bank, the State of New York, and Walt Disney, ZyLAB has a wide breadth of experience and knowledge across a variety of different industries and business applications. The company has offices located in McLean, Virginia in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia to provide global service to its client base. For more information visit www.zylab.com