18 Social Business Imperatives from Jive

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18 Social Business Imperatives from Jive
If you're missing the enterprise collaboration party we had last month, here's a little something from Jive (news, site):  A list imperatives for identifying areas where socializing can boost business functions. 

Plotting a Course

If you've been paying any sort of attention to social enterprise collaboration, Jive's list of Imperatives should come as no surprise. With aim to help you organize your tasks so that you may take a deep breath before mapping out successful implementation, the imperatives are presented as sub-steps to three primary actions: 

Engage Customers

We've covered a lot of WEM, so you probably know the drill with this one. Essentially, there's a need for social business software because of the rise of social media. Solutions like Twitter and Facebook have changed how we communicate with each other, with brands, with companies, etc. Social enterprise software allows organizations to catch up to this age by enabling regular engagement with customers and prospects in real-time, and in an open, social community. 

To achieve this, Jive suggests focusing on:

  • Account Management
  • Community-Based Service
  • Customer Innovation
  • Event Communities
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Marketing

Engage Employees

Improved employee-customer relationships can't be the only good thing to come out of social business software. Employees must also build stronger ties with each other in order to quickly find the answers and information that customers demand. Aligning the right team of people around the right goals accomplishes this task and promotes some serious knowledge sharing and innovation. Jive's imperatives for this sector are: 

Learning Opportunities

  • Contact Center Enablement
  • Expertise Location / Corporate Directory
  • Innovation Acceleration
  • M&A Integration
  • Sales & Channel Enablement

Engage the Social Web

This is the fun one. By engaging in popular social solutions (such as Twitter), companies are given a window into what is being said not only about their products, but about their market and competition as well. Engagement in this sector entails more than just Tweeting; it's about monitoring and collaborating with the social Web through imperatives such as: 

  • Community-Based Recruiting
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Product Launches
  • Service Everywhere
  • Social Brand Management
  • Social Selling

Again, these should all sound really familiar if you've been on this hype. You can check out the comments section of "7+ Social Software Platforms for Enterprise Collaboration" for proof that while there's no shortage of offerings, it seems as though Jive's got some sort of magic up its sleeve. Perhaps it's simply the organization of these familiar chores.

Soon, the company will be offering more on their golden nugget of knowledge here