A New Collaboration Solution for Oracle UCM
For organizations that have invested in Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) (news, site) and feel that maybe the collaborative workspace features of SharePoint might have suited them better, a new solution has just been unveiled that might make them change their mind.

Developed by Fishbowl Solutions, a Minneapolis-based software company specializing in Oracle UCM solutions, CollabPoint offers many features in common with SharePoint, but on the Oracle UCM platform.

This new solution, which was unveiled at Oracle’s Collaborate 2009 forum during the week, offers users Enterprise 2.0 functionality for Oracle UCM accessed through a clean and simple interface.

CollabPoint allows users, either singly, or as teams, share and collaborate on projects within the Oracle platform.

New Solution, New Interface

Fishbowl, an Oracle UCM partner and solution provider since 1999, admits that SharePoint has been a success -- a crucial point of which has been the Windows-like interface -- and admit that they have taken a similar approach to their new solution for Oracle.

The development of CollabPoint has been driven by the need to create a system that allows for greater access to assets within the Oracle UCM.

With this new solution, Fishbowl has addressed the problem of ‘knowledge’ and assets consigned to silos where only the creator, or a limited number of collaborators can access it, and gives Oracle UCM an asset retrieval flexibility that, to date, has only really existed with SharePoint.



CollabPoint: enables easy access to assets across Oracle UCM enterprises

Building on the scalable potential of Oracle UCM, CollabPoint enables users to take advantage of Enterprise 2.0 features such as blogs, wikis and discussion threads

Connect E2.0 Components

The principal advantage that CollabPoint offers is that it enables contextual exchanges of information in real time.

Users can access information from different sources and geographically diverse locations to provide collective intelligence across an enterprise.

Features of CollabPoint include:

  • Easy knowledge sharing
  • A single enterprise-wide repository
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Wider view of assets within the system
  • Team collaboration across different locations
  • Reduced IT needs and budgets

Other enhanced features that come with CollabPoint include easy content revision and lifecycle management that includes destruction of redundant content by user defined deadlines, an enhanced search capability, and enhanced security features.

Finally, with CollabPoint organizations can offer their users the functionality they need without being required to support two distinct platforms – diluting company budgets and skill sets.

Learn more by visiting FishBowl's website.