Intranets have come a long way since the 1.0 versions full of static pages and dreary corporate information. Web and Intranet managers find themselves trying to figure out how to make use of the new social tools within their intranet. A new community, called Communexions may be able to help you do just that.

Communexions is a new free social network hosted by Sabre (makers of cubeless) and Prescient Digital Media. It's a community designed for web, intranet and social media managers and consultants to share thoughts and experiences and get information and advice from others.

Based on the principle that enterprise social networking is helpful, it encourages the sharing of knowledge with one of its principal objectives to enable people and information find each other.


Communexions - Hub

Communexions Karma

Entering the website through a simple log-in screen, users are taken directly to the community hub where the different features available to the community are accessible by an equally simple ‘click-through’.

The basic user profiles are all contained behind the ‘My Stuff’ tab where contact details, group membership and other work-related details are accessible to the users. It also displays a ‘karma’ feature, with karma points awarded based on use, questions asked and questions answered.

The ‘karma’ feature is not just a nod to New Age mystics, but a classification tool that helps the inference engine find the right people for questions asked by people in the community.

When a question is asked, it is automatically directed to the top 15 people rated for that particular kind of query which ensures that questions posed by the community are sent to the users that are most likely to be in a position to respond to them.

Responses can be rated and replied to, and while the top 15 Karma users are specifically targeted in queries, anyone in the enterprise can respond to the query by clicking on the question. All users are also given the ability to run their own blog.

Intranet 2.0

Recently, Toby Ward , founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, an intranet solutions and consultancy firm, and one of the companies behind the launch of Communexions, in an article for CMSWire argued that a social intranet requires wide participation -- or at minimum, opportunity for participation -- by most or all employees.

Social intranets require social media: blogs, wikis and user comments, to name a few elements, while advanced social intranets may incorporate multimedia, user-tagging and social networking that are integrated into multiple channels including user profiles.

This new social intranet is very different from the traditional model. As a result, a community like Communexions will be helpful to managers to get started.

If you are interested in it you can watch this demo or just head over and sign-up to see if it works for you.