AWS today launched a bulk e-mailer for businesses. Dubbed the Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon's latest offering eliminates the need for an in-house e-mail solution, or the licensing, installing, and operating of a third-party tool. 

Why It's Awesome 

In addition to cutting out a lot of extra fat, SES integrates with other AWS services, making it simple to send e-mails from applications hosted on services such as Amazon EC2. 

As far as pricing goes, Amazon will charge fees for the number of e-mails sent plus data transfers. Pricing for SES is US$ 0.10 per thousand messages sent. A customer may also send 2,000 e-mail messages per day free of charge when these e-mails originate from Amazon EC2 or AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Step By Step

To get started, Amazon requires a few steps:

  • Subscribe: After signing up for Amazon SES, you can access the Amazon SES sandbox .
  • Verify Email Addresses: To verify an e-mail address, make an API call with the e-mail address as a parameter. This API call will trigger a verification email, which will contain a link that you can click on to complete the verification process.
  • Request Production Access: Requesting production access will allow you to move from the sandbox environment to the production environment.
  • Send Email: Amazon SES has two different APIs for queuing an e-mail message for delivery. The first allows you to specify the components of a message for an SMTP-compliant email message; the second enables you to send a raw message, and specify your own email headers and MIME types.

Once you've gotten into the groove of things, gauge how well you're doing. Amazon SES provides the ability to view statistics about your sending activities such as volume sent, bounces and complaints.

No Brainer

Anyone business looking for a scalable and inexpensive way to deliver e-mail without having to take the reigns should check out the offering. As it can be used in conjunction with Amazon's free usage tier, the company is offering a pretty cost-effective package here. 

Amazon Simple Email Service is currently in beta, and you can sign up here.