eTouch Enterprise Wiki Now Available in
SamePage from eTouch (news, site) offers up the pleasures of social media in the formerly stuffy halls of Using all the right buzz words including blogs, wikis and forums, now staff, clients and customers can communicate better than ever before without leaving the company page.

A Need for Collaboration Tools

Many companies find themselves with unofficial collaboration and information tools sprouting left, right and center. Getting ahead of this juggernaut of user-created content can be problematic, especially if your current tools lack the features of many of the popular web services.

SamePage, from eTouch, just by its title, sounds like the right tool for the job - keeping all your staff's collaboration, ideas and advice in one place, rather than spread around many unofficial sites and resources.

Already a successful J2EE-based product and a feature of academia, Fortune 500 and many other companies, it is now available as an add-on for, using the platform.

An Enterprise Wiki Adds Value to Salesforce

Taking the wiki approach, SamePage should really come into its own on Salesforce where much of the workforce is already remote or mobile. Using a blog or wiki to aggregate useful sales information, create a knowledge base or simply to request advice or ideas will make SamePage a powerful social tool for teams, regardless of their location.

If you interact with a client base through Salesforce, then SamePage can act as a help point or resource to speed up inquiries.


SamePage -- Keep your team's activity in focus

Pricing starts at US$ 100 per month for up to 20 users, US$ 200 for 21 to 50 users and US$ 400 for up to 100 users. Enterprise can, of course, inquire for special terms. A free 30-day trial is available to test SamePage out in your environment.

Salesforce Goes Social

SamePage has plenty of features, all of which will be familiar to Web 2.0 devotees, but might not have made it into the lexicon of Salesforce deploying users. SamePage offers:

  • A simple wiki for effective team collaboration
  • Easy web publishing
  • Fully customizable blog
  • The ability to rapidly create and manage projects without relying on the IT department
  • Features to organize and view information to fit your needs
  • Easily find relevant information with powerful context-sensitive search 

In practice, it means that almost anyone in the organization can create a space for teams to collaborate on projects or solve problems, or create pages where ideas and advice can be read by everyone. All this happens within providing organizations a single location.

Although not the only enterprise wiki available through, Saleforce's enterprise business platform, it is probably one of the best known. Head over to the AppExchange and see for yourself.