Social media is gaining inroads into the Asia Pacific enterprise scene as the year 2011 starts. Experts foresee increased business use of social mediums for marketing, recruitment and human resources, along with improved trends in cloud computing, enterprise mobility and applications.

CMSWire earlier reported that Asian businesses have not yet warmed to social media. 2011 might be the turning point though, as APAC businesses start seeing the benefits of a social media presence. According to ICT research firm XMG Global (news, site), businesses are warming up to the idea of using social mediums for their various needs. In 2011, more than 30% of small and medium enterprises in the region are expected to start actively using social media significantly for their marketing efforts.

Marketing and Human Resources

XMG Global predicts that 2011 will be a year in which businesses will be hard pressed to keep employee retention, to minimize the loss of talent, which leads to disruption in service delivery and in customer support. Given this, businesses will need to increase the use of various mediums in order to bolster employee morale, and also to help scout for fresh talent.

APAC businesses will be better-versed in using social mediums in interacting with both external and internal clients, starting 2011. Firstly, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like, will be seen as valuable resources for word-of-mouth marketing and for getting the pulse of the market. Meanwhile, human resource departments will also start mining social networks in order to scout for potential recruits. Social media can also be used to link up with existing employees, which can help management reach out to staffers. This can also help human resources practitioners keep up with a company's social culture.

Slowly, but Surely

APAC businesses are not as aggressive in adopting social media as the rest of the world, though. A 2010 study by Burson-Marsteller found that 79% of companies worldwide are actively using social media as part of their corporate communication strategies. In APAC though, this figure is only at 40%. It is believed that small and medium businesses will be more flexible, and can adopt social media more quickly than bigger corporations. This stems from a more conservative and traditional culture, especally among the larger enterprises in the region.

Still, XMG Global does not see this cultural nuance as a stumbling block. More traditional companies will eventually come around who will likely do further studies and research on the potential of social media engagement in their long term plans.