The next time those in the academic world suggest any miscommunication is an issue of semantics, they might not be wrong.

Elsevier, the publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has acquired Collexis, a developer of semantic technology and knowledge discovery software.

Elsevier + Collexis = Advanced Knowledge Management

While the acquisition is effective immediately (Collexis' management page already redirects to Elsevier's), the terms of the agreement have not been made available.

Yet, we do know that by combining Elsevier’s extensive content, including more than 2,000 journals, and Collexis’ semantic technology institutions and researchers will have more options for collaborating, showcasing their academic accomplishments and improving grant related workflow efficiencies.

Improving Customer Collab

Elsevier has just the product in mind to integrate with Collexis. Their SciVal suite of research tools and integrated workflow solutions already helps to increase the rate of scientific discovery and improve the social and economic impact of research.

But coupled with Collexis it will be able to address strategies related to research performance, planning and funding and alleviate obstacles associated with customer collaboration, funding and strategic planning initiatives.

Collexis offers a variety of solutions designed to discover the relationships between the elements of different content sources and uncovering unique information, including:

  • Expert Profiler: aggregates the “conceptual fingerprints” of existing published papers so that institutions can better expose their research history and capabilities
  • Reviewer Finder: helps grant managers identify the best reviewers by highlighting highly qualified researchers with the lowest conflict of interest

Not only does Collexis bring a solid suite of knowledge management solutions, they also bring a variety of public health, government and scientific customers, which are also sure to benefit from Elsevier’s research archives.