Web-based sharing and storage provider has released a more socially-minded version of its storage and collaboration product. The new interface allows users to utilize activity streams and user profiles to view a participant's file history. These new features will very likely appeal to small teams and work groups looking for a more intelligent centralized file store for team collaboration.

Bringing Something New To Online Storage

By rethinking user profile screens, now offers the ability see when a file has been uploaded, downloaded or edited. With these new functionalities, it has become easier to track the progress of a document or other file on the service. Also, document collaborators can leave simple text, Twitter-like messages on a file to further assist in tracking activity on a document or file. isn't the only online storage provider out there. In fact, many companies such as Microsoft, Dropbox, ADrive and others have similar offerings. With the roll-out of these new social features, is aiming to differentiate itself from the competition. Dropbox has versioning control in its online storage product, but Dropbox is aimed squarely at individual users -- whereas has positioned their storage offering at small teams or project groups.

A Mini-Social Network

Along with being able to display a user's activity stream with regards to files, a person's profile page also features the ability to share links, share a bio description and a phone number and e-mail address. Users can also initiate online discussions similar to a message board.

According to, the company's services are being used by 50,000+ companies that are mainly small- to medium-sized businesses.

The storage solution is priced at US$ 15.00 per month per user, which is far less than maintaining a similar service in-house for SMBs without an in-house IT staff.

Does your work group use a hosted storage service? If so, which one?

Tell us in the comments what features and capabilities you like with online storage and which features you'd like to see be rolled out.