Terracotta, a software company you may know for their expertise in the caching and Java departments, recently acquired a similar company called Ehcache. This particular fusion has got some experts and various parts of the enterprise high off the expectation that it will yield data management tools that scale applications seamlessly.

Likewise, CMS people are in on the excitement as EHCache is a component within other Java products, including Alfresco CMS and Liferay.

The Business

Terracotta provides a solution to cluster Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by introducing specific code in Java applications at runtime as classes are being loaded. The process is much like that of VMWare or SpringSource products.

Meanwhile, Ehcache kicks out open source caching solutions that have been actively implemented into other Java based products (think: CMS!). The convenient part of the whole shebang is that after the merger takes place, all Ehcache development will continue as normal.

The Merge

It’s exciting news because enterprises are known to struggle with application scalability issues, especially since apps in the cloud are still attached to a data layer that doesn’t scale. The combo of Terracotta and Ehcache aims to fix this issue and pump up the value of cloud infrastructures along the way.

Ari Zilka, CTO of Terracotta, said, “We now have a very well rounded solution for Enterprise Java applications. The two together will provide the most seamless path from 1 node up to 100. Instead of having to worry about which version of EHCache Terracotta supports, or if your Ehcache integration will work well with Terracotta, Ehcache's and Terracotta's users alike can rest assured the two will always work in perfect harmony from today forward.

Thanks to the acquisition, Terracotta is said to now be positioned as one of the major players in Java caching, and a viable alternative to solutions provided by Oracle and IBM. For more information, root around Terracotta's site here.