Central Desktop (news, site), a cheapy SharePoint alternative, recently announced a significant update to the SaaS social technology platform. Central Desktop 2.0 brings an enhanced user interface and new features, including online file viewing, to the game.  

Central Desktop 2.0

Let’s dive right into the new goodness:

New User Interface

Central Desktop’s user interface was completely overhauled. Users will find the new interface to be more intuitive, and complete with a workspace creation wizard, workspace templating, new drop down menus, customizable tabs and configurable settings:


Central Desktop 2.0 Dashboard

Online File Viewer

This expanded file preview feature supports many file types, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, JPEGs, TIFs, CAD files and Adobe Photoshop files. View them within Central Desktop’s environment:


Central Desktop 2.0 File Preview

Improved Wiki Navigation

Central Desktop 2.0’s got a one-click wiki page creation tool. Wiki pages can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them into a wiki tree, creating a hierarchical structure to ordinarily flat wiki pages (good for navigation).

Internal Blogs and Forums

Central Desktop 2.0’s forum and blog features weave together community and internal communication tools. A corporate blog, project blog or discussion forum can be created to make announcements or capture ideas

Other new features include a PDF Creator, Page Favorites and Avatars for user recognition. See the upgrades and additions in action: 

“Our top priority is creating a collaboration solution that balances utility with usability to increase user adoption for our customers,” said Isaac Garcia, CEO and co-founder of Central Desktop. “Central Desktop 2.0 is a major upgrade to our platform that paves the way for accelerated product developments later this year. Going forward, we will continue to build on our 2.0 platform to create turn-key, customizable solutions that target specific industries and customer segments.”

Earlier this year we saw the mid-market company close 2009 with a 44% year-over-year growth in revenue and a 50% increase in staff. Not bad for a smaller guy. At that time Garcia reported that the first quarter of 2010 would be dedicated to strengthening the platform, and so far it looks like they've followed through on that promise. 

Want it? Plans start at US$ 25 per month. Check it out here