The long expected launch of ChromeOS has been delayed -- again. The news depressed millions of geeks all over the world who have been waiting impatiently for ChromeOS -- the cloud computing operating system for personal computers.

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently admitted that the long expected cloud computing OS will be launched (hopefully) sometime in the (near or not so near) future, yet another feeling of disappointment came across all ChromeOS enthusiasts. At first, ChromeOS was expected to hit the market in the second half of 2010. It was then delayed until November 2010, a perfect time for many people's Christmas lists. 

Now, the latest news, there will be no ChromeOS devices sitting under this Christmas tree this year, but hopefully by next Christmas the anticipation will be over. Of course this is not an official announcement, rather, estimates indicate it may take a few months more, but sometime in the first quarter of 2011, ChromeOS will be available to the public. 

Did Android Delay ChromeOS?

There was no mention of any particular reasons why ChromeOS will be delayed, but obviously Google is not ready yet to release it and this is why we'll have to wait a bit longer. Most likely, the delay is due to the rush to release Android, which many consider more important so, as a top priority, most resources were concentrated on its release.

Android and ChromeOS are two operating systems that Google plans to use as a way to conquer the market. According to Eric Schmidt, Android is for touch devices while ChromeOS works best on devices with a keyboard. A brave jump considering, until now, in addition to being the world's number one search engine, Google was more of an ad company that developed web applications as a side project. All said, launching an operating system is more complex than launching a web app, even if this operating system is based on an already existing piece of software -- i.e. the Chrome browser.

Better Be Late Than Sorry

It is disappointing that ChromeOS has been delayed but if this delay is required to fix bugs rather than release bugware and treat users like pre-alpha testers, then it's worth waiting for. Sooner or later, ChromeOS will be released and it is much better to be provided with a stable release, instead of a barely working one.