Jive Releases Latest Version of Clearspace
Clearspace has received some impressive upgrades thanks to Jive Software, a provider of enterprise collaboration and community software. Version 2.5 of Clearspace has some new features that might entice businesses to embrace social networking as a motivational and inspirational tool for employees. The latest additions to Clearspace add a new layer of collaboration and accessibility that was not possible before: "Our platform has become mission critical for many Enterprises, as they can now keep their fingers on the pulse of what's happening with their employees, partners and customers," said Dave Hersh, CEO at Jive Software. "Clearspace 2.5 makes this even more powerful by introducing new ways for users to access communities from external sites, applications, and platforms, making them able to participate wherever they may be."

What's New?

Clearspace 2.5 brings a whole myriad of new features and enhancements to the table: * Enhanced search: Search and filter coworkers with an intuitive interface. * Connections: Allows a user to follow a coworker's activity. * Groups: Users can create groups, and those users can control who can join, decide the capabilities of that group, and customize the layout. * Text Editing: A rich-text editor for text editing makes it easier for people to create better looking content. * Website Integration: Clearspace can be integrated into existing webpages on company sites to help increase usage and adoption. * E-mail Posting: Users can now blog, comment, or create documents all with the sending of an e-mail message. * Salesforce Integration: Teams can stay more informed about customer relations and more.
Clearspace 2.5 Search

Enhanced search functionality within Clearspace 2.5
All of these improvements make up a product that is increasing the amount of communication and collaboration that can be accomplished in a business-focused social network. With the partnership of Salesforce, Jive Software and Clearspace are taking steps in the right direction. Improvements aside, Clearspace has already emerged as a truly useful social network that businesses should be taking a long, hard look at. Check out Clearspace's product page for more information.