CNW Group Introduces Social Media Release
Not to be left in the shadows of Marketwire, CNW Group, a Canadian news and information distribution provider -- read media release -- has jumped into the social media game with the introduction of the Social Media Release. Marketwire released its version of the social media release back in February to the US and just three months ago to the Canadian marketplace. Marketwire Social Media 2.0 allows you to track various reader activities in real time, integrate the release with numerous Web 2.0 resources, embed audio and video, follow Diggs and Technorati reviews.

The Evolution of the Multi-Media Release

The CNW Group says their Social Media Release is the evolution of their multi-media release taking the four standard platforms of print, audio, video and Internet, mixing them together and providing their customers with a number of new online distribution features.

Sample Social Media Release

The Social Media Release has a community component that enables people to embed the release and its components onto other sites and social networks. It differs from the Marketwire press release in its comments capability. The comments box is two-way and exists directly on the release page itself. With a history of pioneering services such as Webcasts, Podcasts, Photos, Broadcast Services and Video-On-Demand, the CNW Group has the capability to manage all aspects of the Social Media Release for the client including in-house audio and video production and consultation for scripting, interviewing and editing.

The Decision to Go Social

The decision to create a social media release came after extensive research into client needs and strategic thinking with the help of some industry thought leaders like Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWorks and Dave Fleet, a senior consultant at Thornley Fallis Communications. According to Brian Solis, Social media releases can complement your outbound communications strategy by bridging your story with the people you're trying to reach. For bloggers and online journalists, SMRs also aggregate social media elements from across respective networks into one resource hub using the media elements that will more effectively engage readers." It's good to see more media release companies getting in on social media releases. There's plenty of news to go around for everyone. Traditional releases are very boring to read and don't always offer as much information as we would like. Being able to access video and audio and read customer comments helps us generate better news articles faster -- which only goes to help the company putting out the release. The fact that Marketwire has over 400 customers using their social media release already is irrelevant to the fact that the CNW Group now has their own version. The fact that Marketwire "may" have did it first is also irrelevant. Show me the first social networking site creator...yea..didn't think you could...