MindTouch Deki Kilen Woods
You know MindTouch (news, site) for its enterprise class wiki and collaboration portal. They consistently bring out new solutions to help you collaborate faster and smarter in the MindTouch environment. Now the open source collaboration vendor brings you a new suite of productivity tools for your desktop.

MindTouch Productivity Tools

Called the MindTouch Productivity Tools, they are a suite of tools built for the desktop that enable you publish and edit information to the MindTouch portal or wiki from within any of your Windows Applications.

Aurelia Reporter

The Aurelia Reporter enables you to publish to MindTouch the contents created in any Windows application, such as Visio, Project, PowerPoint and Excel. The published content is then available as a MindTouch page and offers the same collaboration capabilities as any other MindTouch page.

There's no actual publish button, but rather one of your printing options becomes print to MindTouch. This functionality also works for Thunderbird email and for any graphic file.

Desktop Connector

The Desktop Connector reminds you of Windows Explorer -- but it's for MindTouch. Providing drag and drop capability, you can easily move any files and folders to MindTouch that are sitting on your desktop. Documents can include both rich text and images and the information is maintained as is in MindTouch.

In addition, any folder hierarchy is also maintained ensuring that the structure you create will be retained.


MindTouch Desktop Connector

Using the Desktop Connector you can also reorganize MindTouch page hierarchies and edit in-place file attachments.


MindTouch Desktop Connector - In Place Editing

Microsoft Word and Outlook Connectors

The Word and Outlook Connectors give you one-click publishing to MindTouch. With Word documents, the entire document is published as a MindTouch page and the document itself is included as an attachment.

MindTouch Word Connector

With email, you can publish the entire email thread including any attachments, making it all searchable. With the email conversation now in MindTouch, it opens up the collaboration process much better keeping everything in a single location, viewable by everyone who is allowed to view it.


MindTouch Outlook Connector

Desktop Tools Regaining Popularity

Yes, we increasing love our web-based tools for collaboration and content sharing. But there also seems to be a move back to the desktop for what some are calling "increased productivity". This is evident with these new MindTouch connectors -- which by the way -- are not all new, as we reviewed some of them not so long ago for MindTouch Deki.

Along with MindTouch, SocialText is also going back to the desktop with their SocialText desktop.

Are we confused about where we work most productively? Or does it depend on the situation?

You can get more information on the new MindTouch Desktop Productivity Suite here.