MindTouch Introduces New Converters and Desktop Suite

MindTouch really wants you to use their Deki open source collaboration solution. So much so that they have created several new connectors to get content out of other vendor solutions more easily -- and at a discount. Add to that a new Desktop Suite for getting content into Deki and there's more reasons to take a closer look at this solution.

MindTouch Deki is an enterprise level wiki collaboration platform. Their last full official release was Kileen Woods back in July. The platform is designed for the non-technical user and touts over 100 web service extensions to create just about any type of mashup you can think of.

Moving to MindTouch Deki

Are you currently using Lotus Notes, Altassian Confuence or MediaWiki? Not happy and want to convert to something else? MindTouch is offering a set of connectors that will enable you to easily pull your content from these three solutions and put it into MindTouch Deki.

They say the conversion is "risk free and painless", but that "some limitation may apply".

If you really want to do it though, new customers will get a 15% discount until December 31, 2008 -- so now's the time to get moving.

Desktop Publishing Suite

Something really good to have is MindTouch's new Desktop Suite. The Suite includes connectors to MS Word, MS Outlook and Microsoft Windows. You can now create your content directly in MS Word and publish it to Deki with a single click. Even better, you can publish your Outlook emails, attachments and all to the Deki.


And then there's the ability to drag and drop folders from your Windows Explorer into Deki, having it recreate the hierarchy as a series of Deki pages.


Both the Desktop Suite and the conversion Connectors are currently available for free to existing Deki Standard and Enterprise Edition customers. Users of the open source version can upgrade at a 15% discount as well.

MindTouch Constantly Improving Deki

They have made a number of enhancements to Deki that included a Windows Installer, a number of enterprise data adapters and workflow capabilities.

If you aren't sure this is the right way for you go, take a look at what's been happening at MindTouch this year. They are, so far, a financially stable company which seems to be a theme for open source solution providers in the industry.