MindTouch Growth Improves, Enhancements Made
While most are out in the US selecting the next President who will hopefully help improve the economic condition of the country, MindTouch is busy at their day job. They are announcing growth in key performance measures and some enhancements to their wiki-based collaboration platform MindTouch Deki.

Platform Improvements to MindTouch Deki

MindTouch Deki is MindTouch's flagship product providing not only wiki functionality but a complete social enterprise platform enabling collaboration, application integration and enterprise mashups.

MindTouch Deki Architecture

It has been a busy year for MindTouch on the platform improvement side. In July they announced the latest version of their platform called Kileen Woods which brought new enterprise integration adapters and improved workflow to the wiki platform. Then in September they announced a partnership with SnapLogic, a SaaS integration company, that brought us the Deki for CRM. Along with the recent addition of enterprise adapters and workflow capabilities, improvements to the Deki platform include: * New Microsoft Windows Installer * MediaWiki to Deki converter * Lotus Notes to Deki converter


Performance Benchmarks

To highlight how well MindTouch has been doing despite these tough economic times, they have provided us with a few key performance benchmarks: * 368% growth in customers in the last year * 612% increase in revenue over 2007 (and that's only up until October of this year) * 132% growth in partners, resellers and system integrators * Thousands in daily distribution and millions of users globally

The Customers Keep Coming

MindTouch has a wide range of customers from a number of verticals including: * Government: United Nations, National Institute of Health, City of Surprise Arizona * Education: Harvard Kennedy Business School, Michigan State University * Technology: Bill Me Later, Inc., Intel, Novell, Intuit * Media: Television Ontario, Newseum

Red Mountain

An interesting number to consider when thinking about how a wiki collaboration platform can improve your business is this: "BillMeLater experienced a 1,000-to-one return on the initial investment using MindTouch Deki". "When belts tighten, businesses don't have the option to do less, they need to do more for less. [ ]For companies looking to keep their collaborative applications up-to-date and cut back on costs at the same time, the crop of new Enterprise software that Deki belongs to is worth investigating," said Michael Coté, industry analyst with analyst firm RedMonk. MindTouch is an open source collaboration platform, which is probably a factor in its doing well during this economic slump. Learn more about their platform and read case studies on how that platform improves productivity for organizations.