Collaboration for Linux Claromentis
Claromentis has recently made all Linux users much happier by releasing a collaboration and information management platform for Linux.It includes the brand new Project Manager application, content and document management, as well as process management using e-forms.Catering primarily to corporate Intranets, with the release of Claromentis 5.5 the company continues to support Linux as an application-rich, commercial platform for the modern enterprise of any size.Having a choice of operating system, database and delivery mechanism is a good thing in today’s market. Cutting costs and being flexible is exactly what IT departments need. Claromentis is known for offering customizable and cross-platform Intranet application frameworks.

The Claromentis Framework

The Claromentis Framework is designed for efficient information management and joined-up processes. This modular solution supports Intranet and Extranet scenarios and consists of the following modules:* Document Manager* Portal* Quality Manager* Project Manager* Content Manager* Sales Manager* Info Capture* Process Manager

Claromentis 5.5

With these modules Claromentis 5.5 offers sophisticated collaboration tools and integrated content, document, sales, project and process management applications -- all accessible within a single portal environment.Claromentis 5.5 offers the first release of the Web-based Project Manager application. By leveraging the information layer of Claromentis, together with the comprehensive permission systems, Claromentis Project Manager offers permissioned access for staff, partners and suppliers to a central collaboration space with version-controlled documents, Gantt charts and forums.

Project Rooms

Dedicated project rooms are available for teams to share project-related resources and interact using collaborative tools like forum boards. Claromentis users can access and update project documents, budgets and timesheets, as well as use scheduling tools to plan activities and monitor progress.

Project Activities

A project activity provides a plan of work, resource lists and data storage for a specific aspect of the overall project. Any number of project activities can be created in a project room. Each project activity has a summary page that details project tasks and current status, as well as displaying a Gantt to illustrate the plan of work.

Gantt Charts in Claromentis

Permissions-Based Access

Project room users may be authorized to create new project activities, edit existing project activities or may have view-only access to certain project activities.

Version Control

At any time, the authorized owner of a project activity can create a new version. The previous version is stored within the Claromentis Project Manager application and can then be archived using the archiving tool. Each version is identified by a free text label.

Why Claromentis 5.5 is Cool

Linux and the whole Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP platform is probably the most exciting part of this offering. Coupling the open source platform with commercial products may be the way to go, since many are skeptical about pure open source being a viable business model.Claromentis has found its niche by offering fully-supported (by the vendor or partners) solutions in a clean PHP development environment. It’s always good to have an alternative to Microsoft and SharePoint, which has been so far a very popular solution for corporate Intranets and Enterprise CMS.Claromentis offers the information management framework and applications through purchase of a perpetual license or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which only makes it so much more attractive. “One of our core values is about choice, and this is expressed in the ease of doing business with us, as well as the third way approach of commercial code that is … fully open source extendable through our API,” says Nigel Davies, director at Claromentis.Several days ago, Claromentis has received ISO9001 accreditation for Quality Management, following an audit of their bespoke and core code processes, which are end-to-end from specifications to sign-off.Curious to learn more? Visit