Content Circles Offers Collaborative Work Without The Server

It’s not uncommon these days for a team of workers to be distributed across cities, states -- even countries. In fact, thanks to technology, worldwide team member distribution is becoming the norm.

In order to work collaboratively across time zones, most companies turn to Web-based content management solutions. Solutions that, while eliminating IT resource issues, still often require expensive training. In an effort to remedy this issue, Content Circles has released a server-free and easy to use collaborative content management tool called Content Circles 1.0.

What it Does

Say goodbye to servers, kids. Content Circles 1.0 is said to revolutionize the way people collaborate and manage content across companies. Created especially for those that store content on their company network and share it with people outside then company, Content Circles reports they can help to perform these tasks faster and more securely, right from your desktop. All without having to buy or learn any new desktop or enterprise software.


CC network.png

 Example of Content Circles Network

It’s Like High School, Except Not As Horrifying

Or like social networking, except it’s for work and nobody is going to spam you with their music request or ask you to purchase a t-shirt

Begin by simply creating a circle and sending invitations to your co-workers, clients or channel partners, or accept an invitation to an existing circle. Then enjoy the following:

Manage Content Any Way You Want

Though controlled by the circle owner, each Circle of Interest is backed by team work. Documents and files uploaded into the circle are replicated and delivered to all team members and can be accessed offline. This ensures everyone is always on the same page.

All document versions and comments are retained, and real-time status indicators let you know what's changed, what's waiting for you to review, or what has been downloaded to your computer.

Security While You Work Collaboratively

Regulations and business processes limitations got ya down? Can’t use your e-mail and other web-hosted solutions to maximize efficiency? Content Circles says they have a solution for that, too. With Content Circles 1.0, your files reside only on circle members' computers and are encrypted during synchronization.

Furthermore, when you delete a file from a circle it is removed from other circle members’ computers as well – unlike e-mail, you retain management rights over your content even after it's been pushed out to the extended team.

Mess Around With Gigantic Files

Content Circles is capable of sending and receiving very large files. No theoretical limit to the file size. Storage however, is of course limited to disk space. In other words? Content Circles is working hard to add CDs and DVDs to that sad looking little group of things we don’t use anymore, like VHS tapes and actual film.

Maximize Productivity

Content Circles seamlessly integrates with e-mail applications, enterprise repositories and online storage. Files from your local hard disk, network drives, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Docs, FTP sites and other content repositories can be combined in a single circle. As files are updated, Content Circles can synchronize those changes back to the source repositories with the push of a button.

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