EntropySoft Releases .Net compliant connectors
On the move again, EntropySoft, an enterprise content integration specialist, is demonstrating their ability to provide interoperability between content management systems. EntropySoft creates connectors to various content management and portal systems, including SharePoint, Documentum, Oracle UCM, HP Trim and IBM WebSphere. 

Currently, their connectors are available written in Java, Flex and web services. Today they announce even greater interoperability by making all their connectors .Net compliant.

A .Net - Java bridge has been created that enables the connectors to be used "in-process" as opposed to going through external web services. The connectors are also lighter in terms of installation, footprint and memory use.

In the same manner as the connectors written in Java, with .Net connectors you can browse content repositories (depending on the connector you have), create and modify documents, change metadata and permissions. All this is done completely in .Net.

Support for the .Net compliant connectors is provided in the form of reference guides, code samples and contextual help.

No this is not CMIS in action, but it does demonstrate that content interoperability can be done. It also demonstrates that EntropySoft understands that their solutions can reach even wider markets if they offer a .Net compliant set of connectors.

While some may believe that companies like EntropySoft will fade away when the Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS) becomes a reality, the truth is that there will always be a need for specialized solutions that CMIS will not cover -- at least not any time soon.

Read more on the topic of CMIS and the content connector industry in our article: Will CMIS Kill the Content Connector Industry, and learn more about EntropySoft and their solutions on their website.