This week CMSWire welcomes a new platform for collaborating with colleagues across the globe. Continuity 1.0 is the premiere content/task/project management solution from Virtual Workplace, and features many of the things we love about enterprise collaboration in the social age: instant messaging, task tracking, file exchange, etc. 

The Continuity app's server-client system integrates into an existing organization, requiring no hint of a dedicated admin or robust server. Touting its ability to operate from grounds as simple as a common Windows workstation, Virtual Workplace labels the following as the platform's perks:

  • Task tracking
  • Scheduling,
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processing
  • On-screen notes
  • Wikis
  • File exchange
  • News
  • Memorandums
  • Instant messaging

For all you visual people, here's an audio-less video of most of the features in action:

As you can see, the application isn't much to look at, but it could be a step in the right direction for organizations looking for a simple and inexpensive start.

Continuity's fandom includes Derek Proud, THQ's senior producer and former Electronic Arts employee: "Continuity is an online communication, asset management and project tracking tool that is unlike anything I've seen before," he said. "It lies at the core of Binary Star's game design process and is a combination of Microsoft Project, Perforce, a file transfer tool, a chat program, an art pipeline approval process and much more."

The system will run you a different price depending on the number of users. The most wallet-friendly option is US$ 375.00 for up to 15 users, while the most expensive is a whopping US$ 10,000 for an unlimited number of users (head over here if you want to see all the in-betweens)

Thankfully, you can hit up a free demo for up to 8 users here. The trial doesn't expire, so if you've got a need for such a system and your organization consists of 8 people or less, then, hey! Score!