Couto Solutions Launches Add-On Product Line for Telligent Community Server
Solutions provider, Couto challenges the social enterprise market with its Telligent-based, but highly expanded, intranet and community solution for business.

Making The Enterprise More Social

Couto has been creating Web solutions since 2004. It has spent the last few years reaching into the Web 2.0 social/community/Intranet space and has focused much of its effort on expanding on Telligent's existing products, branding itself as the company you go to when Telligent's limitations hit.

Telligent offers an out-of-the-box community solution with all the common social trimmings, including blogs, forums, media galleries, content management and wikis. In addition, they offer social analytics to help you better serve your community.

Couto takes the Telligent platform to new levels with its range of add-ons, tools and services, branding and support.

Couto offers a planning, customization and deployment service for a company's community server. Its building blocks for Telligent include modules for adding paid support, secure checkout facilities, private communities, post tracking, donation management and custom product development.

Take The Modular Approach

Building Blocks are Couto's term for its modules. The first of them is Paid Support which offers a way to create different levels of support and sell them to customers. Secure Checkout is probably going to be the most popular of the bunch, offering a way to get the tills ringing on your own sites.


Paid Support helps users create their own support structures for their own clients

Private Community offers users a way to create their own little (or large) subscription-based walled gardens. Once the community is founded, there are several more Blocks to help manage and run it.

Once someone has created a community, they can use Directory Connect to manage the subscriber base. If subscribers are hard to attract, then use the Community Promote Building Block which generates coupons that can be redeemed for subscriptions or other offers on the site.

Building Blocks are available individually or in bundles at a range of pricing, with various support and assurance options.

Downloadable trials are available and the site has a range of screenshot walkthroughs and videos to help you get a feel for each product.

If you do like Telligent's solutions, but need just a little bit more functionality, take a closer look at what Couto offers for add-ons. They may have just the thing you need.