Jeff Dachis of Dachis Group addressed the Defrag 2009 Conference today with his presentation on social business design.

Industrial economy has evolved, but we live in a network economy. We require a new business model. It’s time to move towards social business. A new distributed, collaborative and agile organization is able to surpass current barriers to growth in order to create new value.

Because of two major influences, first, Generation Virtual is entering the workforce and second, businesses are increasingly global, the Dachis Group re-imagined social business design as the intentional creation of socially calibrated and dynamic business systems, process, and culture.

This is achieved via four archetypes, which are changes in building blocks and jargon:

  1. Ecosystem: from disparate silos to connected nodes
  2. Hivemind: from hoarding to collaborating
  3. From static to dynamic: communication as work, not for work
  4. Metafilter: filtering, measuring

How to apply? Enhance business partner optimization, customer participation, workforce collaboration.

Why social business design? Improved emerging outcomes -- because a hiveminded, dynamically signaling, metafiltered ecosystem will perform exponentially better.

The Defrag 2009 Conference concludes today in Denver, Colorado.