Cloud player Boomi has been bringing the big guns into the SaaS integration market, turning itself into a natural target for a larger player like Dell. 


Dell Back on the Acquisition Track

There was a rumor at the beginning of the week that Dell was going to burst into the cloud market via an acquisition. The result was its purchase of cloud-based data and app integration Enterprise 2.0 specialist Boomi, a move that marks a fresh start in Dell's aspirations to move into wider markets.

Boomi's AtomSphere is used to link apps to the cloud by helping data transfer between cloud-based and on-premises apps in a seamless manner, with all the complex stuff going on unseen to the user. To work alongside AtomSphere, Boomi recently unveiled arange of features including brokering and trust-based tools andautomation features to help improve the creation and mapping ofintegrations.

In a social-collaboration style, Boomi also launched "Suggest," a toolthat digs around in the experience and collective knowledge of a Boomi community to makemapping suggestions for other users.

Learning Opportunities

Talking Deals

To the uninitiated, it might sound like an odd acquisition for Dell, but the blog of Boomi's CEO, Bob Moul notes that the companies have been working together already for some time. Of Dell's approach he notes:

Dell is in the midst of making a major move into cloud computing.They’ve spent a significant amount of time talking to customers and they clearly have market permission to enter this space on a broad scale.With millions of businesses as customers, the install base alone represents an incredible opportunity.

Moul also mentioned that Dell, still smarting from its loss to HP in the bidding war for 3PAR, has a lot more to come and that the deal is another step towards building a technology portfolio for growing businesses seeking the benefits of Web-based computing.

Dell's Big Play

Dell can use this acquisition as both a cornerstone for further deals and a signal of intent to the likes of Google, Microsoft and others that another player is on the way into the cloud. The company's plan is to once again disrupt the status quo, as it did some quarter of a century ago when it broke apart the cozy world of the PC building cartels.

While the cloud is a far more dynamic and lively place than those drab days, Dell certainly has the clout to make an impact and, if other giants want to protect their space, it will certainly make for some interesting battles to come.