Easily Create Desktop Apps with Prism and Fluid

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In today’s ever accelerating world being able to eliminate headaches, roadblocks and general issues in your everyday work environment is essential to just getting through the day. Anytime you can make a computer easier to use, the better.Prism and Fluid are attempting to do just this.Creating desktop applications out of individual web pages allows you to access many interactive sites such as Twitter, SocialThing, and FriendFeed and lets you take the headache out of dealing with your browser. No more having to open your browser, open your bookmarks, click the bookmark you want, enter info to login, and then finally get to what you need. Now you can do it right from your desktop in one click.

The Difference between Prism and Fluid

You might be asking yourself, “Is there a difference between the two?”Of course there is.The difference is Fluid is supported on Mac OS 10x or higher and Prism is supported on Windows.There are some other differences but mostly in simple interface design and some basic operations.Both are easy to use.Prism Prism is a desktop app creator designed by Mozilla for use with Windows.It is based on an XULRunner and is founded in a concept called Site Specific Browsers (SSB).Features include:* Context menu for basic clipboard and selection operations * Simple Print support via context menu * Launch Prism with command line parameters to host specific webapps * Web application profile support - parameters for a web app can be saved to an INI-style webapp file * Support for webapp owned popup windows - some email webapps can use a popup to compose email * Show float-over link destinations in the status bar so users can see where the link will take them * Support download manager * Support for inline spellcheck and suggestions on context menu * A tool to create new webapp profiles so new webapps can be installed from Prism * An extension to allow Firefox to create webapp profiles since most of this process starts in the browser

FluidFluid is inspired by Prism and was created for use with Mac OS10x.Its base operation is the same as Prism with the exception that it works on a Mac. It also offers the ability to convert your favorite webapp into a MenuExtra SSB.Features include:* Tabbed Browsing* Built-in Userscripting* URL pattern matching for browsing whitelists and blacklists* Bookmarks* A JavaScript API for showing Dock badges* Growl notifications

So stop getting frustrated with your browser, get rid of the clutter that comes with tabbed browsing in both IE7 and Firefox, get rid of the toolbars you don’t hardly ever use but want to keep in your browser.Start creating desktop apps…and the best thing…both of these are free.Get the downloads here:PrismFluid